Essentials for Families Traveling with an Infant | Packing List

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You are going on a trip with your baby but you still want to be practical and able to move as flawlessly as a professional traveler?
Well, here’s a list of essentials that we’ve made after going around with our baby for several months. We’ve gone on a camper road trip around Central Europe for several weeks, took a few trains across France,… and we’re still alive! That has to account for something.

27 November 2019

How to Survive Low Cost Airline Guide

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No bad surprises with our Low-cost Airline Guide! I feel like people tend to forget what flying “low-cost” means. A few years ago, I wouldn’t have been caught dead traveling low-cost. At that time, I wasn’t traveling a lot and either very far (too far for a low-cost) or close enough to take the train. So to […]

28 December 2017