A Local’s Favorite Vegan Restaurants in Paris

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If you’re wondering if Paris is a vegan-friendly place, the answer is yes. There are more and more vegan restaurants in Paris, as well as vegan-friendly ones, and practically all the supermarkets offer vegan options for your groceries, on top of the many organic food shops we have. Of course being a local and vegan for the 4 last years I’ve lived in Paris, I had ample opportunities to find out the best places to eat great vegan food in Paris with best value for money, so here’s my pick, see you there!

12 October 2018

Interview with a musician abroad: Luca Maria in New York

Music, NYC

Check one two check on two, microphone check……… That’s how a music tale usually starts: you get into a studio, you get close to the microphone, and you say those 3 words to check the volume set-ups. I hope that for my friend Luca this could be the beginning of a great tale, a music […]

11 May 2018

Vegan French King Cake Recipe [Galette des rois]

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Our vegan French frangipane King Cake recipe Our first tutorial video –  which should have been a professional rending of our vegan French King Cake recipe – didn’t go exactly as planned… It ended up being a 7 minutes laugh-filled crazy video in very weird and inaccurate Frenglish (this is mostly what we speak at […]

14 January 2018

2018: Resolutions for the New Year

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New Year resolutions’ efficiency and interest are highly debatable, but they’re fun! I really like them. The truth is I like lists in general, and I love setting goals and hold myself accountable. With both Simone’s and my new jobs, we know we won’t be able to travel as much as we’d like, but we […]

6 January 2018

You’re not the sum of your limitations. Hip problem and yoga

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Breath, flow, repeat Respiration, ondulation, répétition. Bilingual post by: Alice Article bilingue écrit par : Alice   You’re not the sum of your limitations. Cut yourself some slack, give yourself the benefice of the doubt. You might make wonders if you’re willing to try to believe in the fact that your body can prove you […]

6 April 2017

Auvergne & Alzheimer : The Land of Intemporality – 2/2


Auvergne & Alzheimer : The Land of Intemporality – La terre de l’intemporalité – 2/2 Post by : Alice Article écrit par : Alice  [Read the 1st part here – Lire la première partie] A trip in Auvergne, down to memory lane – Un voyage en Auvergne, au pays des souvenirs At the end of my […]

5 February 2017

The year 2016 in review

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2016 : The year in review article by : Alice I’m not going to be original here, this is the perfect moment to reflect on the past year. 2016 has probably been my favorite year in my life so far, and so many things happened it’s hard to make it short! 2016 in numbers 1 […]

31 December 2016

Home is where the heart can rest

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Because “home” is not a place but a concept, I miss it even though I’m having the time of my life written by : Alice From almost the day we got engaged to the day we left for our 82 days in the US, we’ve lived together in a 10m-square “apartment” in Paris. I had […]

11 November 2016