Interview with a musician abroad: Luca Maria in New York

Music, NYC

Check one two check on two, microphone check……… That’s how a music tale usually starts: you get into a studio, you get close to the microphone, and you say those 3 words to check the volume set-ups. I hope that for my friend Luca this could be the beginning of a great tale, a music […]

11 May 2018

3 days in L.A.: Hollywood & the beach

California, Los Angeles, USA

3 days in L.A. – Express discovery! Arriving in L.A.: is this home? The moment our feet touched Los Angeles ground, we both had this feeling of not knowing what to expect but being extremely excited at the same time. Alice immediately – and unexplainably – started feeling home, and Simone had the impulse of […]

25 December 2017

Day trips from Oakland and weekend in Lake Tahoe

California, USA

Day trips from Oakland… Two friends we met at Wos bar in Paris and their families generously hosted us when we went to Oakland, California. It was a formidable base, because there are many possibilities in terms of day trips from Oakland! lire cet article en français A few days in Oakland When we stayed […]

24 October 2017

San Francisco Photo Journal

California, San Francisco, USA

During our time in California, while we were generously hosted by friends in Oakland, we took the opportunity to spend a (actually two, but since the first shot was really short, it’s included here) day in San Francisco. It’s really easy to go to SF from Oakland, you only have to take a bus, and […]

25 July 2017

7 Beautiful American Universities You Need to Check Out


I am a HUGE university nerd. There are few things I love more than a gorgeous university. When I visit a beautiful university, I summon my inner Hermione Granger and I try to imagine how incredible it would be to study there. I’ve had the chance to do my Master’s degree in Medieval Studies in La […]

22 June 2017

Santa Cruz Photo Diary

California, Santa Cruz, USA

Santa Cruz, CA. 31 July – 5 August 2016 Trilingual Photo Diary by: Alice Journal Photo trilingue par: Alice Album fotografico trilingue : Alice The first time we went to Santa Cruz, we did a whole lot of nothing.  We were so tired of all of our previous adventures including our overnight bus ride from San Diego […]

27 April 2017