St Tropez in Winter …and Sainte-Maxime, Grimaud and Ramatuelle Villages

by Alice
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Saint-Tropez: the sea, the beach, the party… Does that ring a bell? Well it does to me! And yet in winter the Gulf has a completely different feel! In the middle of the week in February, we decided on a whim to drive to visit Saint-Tropez in winter, but also Sainte-Maxime, Grimaud and Ramatuelle. Follow us for a perfectly nice weekend in the calm of the famous villages of the Côte d’Azur.

How does Saint-Tropez in winter look like?

It practically feels like a ghost village in Provence. Despite a beautiful sun, the streets are almost deserted, the port is deafeningly calm, the shops and a large part of the restaurants and hotels are closed. The only sign of a near awakening? Restaurants and bars getting a makeover before summer. If you want to discover the little pebble streets and the beauty of Saint-Tropez in a very calm setting and have the city just for you, you will have to visit St Tropez in winter. But you may have trouble finding accommodations (we chose to book an Airbnb in Sainte-Maxime), and forget about partying!


Sainte-Maxime, lively all year round

Just opposite Saint-Tropez is Sainte-Maxime and its beaches. It’s a city that lives all year round, so you can easily find a place to sleep, shops to do a little shopping, and a wider choice of places to eat…at least until summer. We walked along the beach in the city center and spent a few minutes at the merry-go-round to please Cesare, while eating delicious churros.


The charming village of Grimaud

Just as deserted as Saint-Tropez and perhaps as famous, the very pretty village of Grimaud undoubtedly deserves a visit. We went there from Sainte-Maxime, the morning of the second day of our trip. Once again, the little streets of the old town were deserted, not a sound disturbed our walk and I must admit that it was very pleasant. It was a bit chilly but the day was beautiful, a perfect time for this visit.



I was surprised, however, to find that we were not alone in the ruins of the Château de Grimaud! It is the sign of a place that is worth the detour, if only for the view, even under the attacks of the icy February wind.


Beautiful Ramatuelle

We only quickly passed by Ramatuelle, but the same goes for this pretty village: we met very few people, the shops were closed… and therefore made for a magnificent walk for us alone!




The Gulf of Saint-Tropez in winter is therefore a very calm place, but just as magnificent. Obviously we were lucky enough to be able to do this short stay under the sun and with good weather, which allowed us to really enjoy it. If it’s serenity you’re looking for, the beautiful villages of the Côte d’Azur can therefore be a destination of choice during winter time!

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