Kamakura Day Trip from Tokyo

Asia, Japan

A day trip to Kamakura from Tokyo is a must-do if you have enough time! Kamakura is a great place to get a feeling of “old Japan” by visiting the many temples and shrines, but also to spend a day in nature hiking or lounging by the beach!

14 January 2019

A Week in Tokyo Express Guide

Asia, Japan

Last winter, we had the time of our life when we were in Tokyo. I have now been there 3 times: once 10 years ago, and two of these times were last winter with Simone. We first went for three days to Tokyo on our way to Hong Kong. When our plans in Hong Kong fell through, we […]

11 February 2018

A few days in Hong Kong

Asia, Hong Kong

Hong Kong, what about it? 24 Nov. 2016 – 3 Dec. 2016, Hong Kong Trilingual post by: Simone & Alice Articolo trilingue: Simone & Alice Article trilingue par : Simone & Alice Simone: Hong Kong, what about it? – Hong Kong, che ne volete sapere? – Hong Kong, eh bien quoi ? It all started one day while […]

17 April 2017