Essentials for Families Traveling with an Infant | Packing List

by Simone
Traveling with a baby
You are going on a trip with your baby but you still want to be practical and able to move as flawlessly as a professional traveler?

Well, here’s a list of essentials that we’ve made after going around with our baby for several months. We’ve gone on a camper road trip around Central Europe for several weeks, took a few trains across France,… and we’re still alive! That has to account for something.

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1. Take your backpack (pun intended!)

In my opinion, backpacks are the best solution to traveling comfortable with a baby. Your hands will still be free, and if you need to run after your baby it’s definitely going to be easier than having to juggle a messenger bag and a luggage!
I have one of those backpacker bags with lots of pockets and extra spots where to store all kind of things. It’s very comfy but I’ve bought it a few years ago so it’s definitely out of stock. Here are some good options you can shop at Amazon:
Simone and his big backpack

2. Pack a pair (or two) of Bluetooth Earphones

We all use portable devices, and when you have a call or maybe you just want to listen to your favorite playlist while you are carrying your baby around, high-quality bluetooth earphones are a must to do the trick.
Why doest it have to be bluetooth? Well, if he or she sleeps then no problem. But when you have to carry your beloved monster, that’s where the trouble starts. Wires on your baby’s way are heaven for her curiosity. Your baby will grab, bite and eventually break it. This is how this amazing 21st century idea (bluetooth) can save your day, by avoiding all this – unless you are a ninja master that can dodge all of your baby’s moves.
Here’s what I’m talking about:

3. Wear your baby

We are an unconventional family and… wait for it… we don’t have a stroller! 
“Whaaaaaat, you guys don’t have a stroller?”
No, sir….
Wraps, ring slings or baby carriers can save you lots of space while traveling, and definitely some of your sanity. If you really think you need a stroller, you can always rent one at your destination! But babywearing will save you the hassle of having to wrestle a pram into a plane, a bus or a train.
Oscha sent us an amazing woven wrap in cotton and bamboo and we are absolutely in love. It’s very easy to use even for beginners as it doesn’t require to “break it in”. It’ll be already soft and moldable once you receive it (don’t forget to wash it before even trying it on, though – it will protect the fibers!). Our wrap is the Raja Wilds, and it’s fantastic. But Oscha has tons of models and there is definitely something for every tastes. They even have a Lord of the Rings collection!!! 
Wearing our baby with an Oscha wrap
-We also are brand ambassadors for Isara, which makes wraps too but also and especially baby carriers! Isara sent us The One, which is a very adaptable carrier made of woven wrap fabric (which provides better support for the baby) and soooo comfortable for long walks! They have a large choice of models for every taste and we particularly love the one we’ve got since it has a really casual look for both me and Alice! If you have any question about it don’t hesitate to send us a message, and here’s a 10% discount for you: ALICE10.
Alice using the Isara baby carrier
-As for ring slings you have a large choice available (same as wraps!). In the US, the brand WildBird seems great (haven’t tried it but as far as I can see it’s good). It is the most practical when it comes to dealing with transportation: you only have to pass the fabric through the rings twice and get baby in. It’s easier and quicker than having to do a knot with a 5m piece of fabric – especially when you have to pass security! You can also use it from birth until whenever it gets too uncomfortable for you (so think at least a couple years, maybe more!). The only thing is that it is an asymmetrical way of carrying your baby, which can be tiring and get a bit painful for your shoulder or back after some time. Personally, we have a couple ring slings and we use them a lot! 
Wraps, baby carriers and ring slings are one of the items that I would recommend you to buy from a brand that has been recommended to you by pros or seasoned babywearing parents – aka don’t buy it on Amazon, from Babybjorn, Chiccho, and these kind of brands that are great for other baby items but not so much when it comes to babywearing. For you and your baby’s wellbeing as well as security, it’s really important to have a good quality item. There are some in every budget, I promise. Check out Little Frog and Yaro for small budgets.
If you don’t want to wear your baby, another good option could be to rent a stroller at your destination, depending on how you’re traveling!

4. Eco-friendly Disposable Diapers

We would love to say that cloth nappies are perfect for trips, but it takes a lot of time to do laundries and you have to have a great organization for storage etc…. So my advice would be to keep it eco-friendly, but you deserve time to enjoy the trip instead of washing poop.
And get yourself some babybum-friendly WaterWipes too!
Cesare in eco-friendly disposable diapers

5. Don’t forget the nomad baby changing pad

A portable baby changing pad is a must in order to be well organized and ready for that time when the little angel decides to give earth a proof of his existence…. you know what I mean.
Usually, good backpacks have the upper part suitable to make another bag to fit… do you remember when you used to go camping? Where did you store the mattress or the big camping duvet? This is where you should store your changing kit so you don’t have to go looking for it at the bottom of your backpack!

6. Noise-cancelling Headphones for Babies

Like parents, like babies! But in this case I am talking sound-proof headphones. It could help your baby to not get too annoyed by that curious talkative traveler that will always be sitting just next to you. Come on, every one of us always has someone a bit too loud or even just clicking on the trackpad of his computer like the one that sits next to me right now (as I’m writing this essential baby packing list on the train to Paris!)….
I mean… babies can practically sleep during a nuclear attack but that little noise could make total chaos rain on you and all your efforts are gone in a click!

7. Toys to occupy your baby

What to bring: that’s the question… Something that they can chew, something washable in a flash, nothing too voluminous…
-We like Montessori toys so check out the Skwish
-The classical Sophie the Giraffe – always a hit!
And to finish in style…

8. A traveling bed

Yes, you’ve heard me: a real traveling bed
Lighter than a tent, and very easy and quick to build, we recommend the tried and adopted Phil&Teds Traveler Crib!
Phil & Teds Traveller crib

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