What to Wear in Paris for Men – Winter Fashion Edition

by Simone
Perfect outfit for men to travel to Paris

Bonjour! If you had the chance like me to work and live in Paris during fashion week, well this post is not for you…. Just joking! But seriously, having lived in Paris for a few years and working in the most iconic fashion club-cocktail bar in town might have given me enough knowledge to talk about it.

What to Wear in Paris for Men in Winter

**Beware this may include affiliate links to products where I get some €€€€ if you click on it and buy something – costing you zero additional $. I think it’s nice to be clear about it….. you shop, it gives me £ to travel, that is why I love you guys!!!**

You’re coming to Paris and you want to dress like a local, being able to have the perfect passe-partout outfit for every club, bar and restaurant: here is what you need!

The right pack to blend with Paris men’s winter fashion

Let’s start from the luggage, I mean where would you go without one?

I love backpacks, you get to move faster among the thousands of people surrounding you at the airport, train, or bus station and in Paris are a huge trend.

The bag has to be waterproof, because rain does fall here.
Here’s a couple of options : This waterproof backpack from Såk Gear or this one from Earth Pack.

What men wear in Paris in winter

It is not a secret you’ve got to be cool here. Trench coat, beanie, and boots or sneakers are imperative.
Of course black is always the right choice but you could try to take a bit more risks.

What men wear in Paris in winter

  • A trench coat: I can suggest this really cool silver hooded trench coat that would definitely work in Paris, or this tobacco one as this is always a super trendy color in Paris.
  • A beanie: Oooh by the way, the beanie really has an important role. In some places you could see people wearing it even if the temperature is as high as in a bowl of onion soup….. So check out this grey one and this one.
    Although, beware that the bouncer at the door of the bar or club will always ask you to remove it to check if your haircut fits….. Kidding, of course, but they do ask you to take any hat off to look at your beautiful face fully, most of the time.
  • A couple pairs of jeans: Skinny fit is still the number one choice, but here you can really put any kind of style as long as the shoe is well seen.
  • A couple of no logo shirts like this black one and this gray one.
  • A couple of button-ups: it’s a classic staple in Paris and can be worn for any occasion. The classical Levi’s denim button-up is a great idea, as is a casual slim-fitted one.
  • A comfy but classy cardigan, like this one.
  • And finally, don’t forget your electric razor (don’t have one? Here are some great choices: 1. | 2.), because in Paris a well-trimmed beard is compulsory!

Man wearing a beanie perfect for Paris in winter

I tried to put a selection of things that I would wear, but Paris is a city that absorbs a multitude of styles, so if you are comfortable with yourself and got the right attitude: you are ready to be the king of Paname!

FlixBus on the American highways

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