Our favorite travel bassinet: the Koo-di Pop Up Sun&Sleep [REVIEW]

by Alice
Le couffin de voyage koo di en balade

Our favorite travel bassinet: the Koo-di Pop Up Sun&Sleep

The Koo-di Pop Up Sun&Sleep travel bassinet

The Koo-di Pop Up Sun&Sleep is a Pop up travel bassinet for babies up to 6 months old or as soon as they sit up by themselves. Easy and quick to set up, very light (it weighs less than 1kg!), it’s basically super practical to take on vacation (or for a day out) and its affordable price is just the cherry on top!

A travel crib easy to carry around

Being a pop up bassinet, the Sun&Sleep folds on itself and holds in a little bag. It then takes absolutely zero space and can easily be carried around thanks to the bag’s handle. As it’s also very light, it’s the perfect accessory to travel with a baby, even on long distances!

We have taken it as a carry-on for our day out to the Lake Paladru, we put it inside Simone’s travel bag for our long weekend in Aix les Bains, and I’ve put it in my diaper bag to go to a postnatal yoga class. It’s so easy to just grab it and take it with us on any kind of trip!

Baby asleep in the Koo-di travel bassinet

A very practical travel crib in every situation

As you can easily imagine, such a light and easily foldable travel bassinet offers a lot of possibilities, and not only while away on vacation! The Koo-di features a mosquito net and a black anti-UV screen, making it perfect for a picnic or an afternoon out at the lake or in the forest,… Baby is protected from insects, sunburns and light – and can fall asleep anywhere!

Koo-di travel bassinet on a day out

Of course its first use is as a travel crib to take on vacation. It doesn’t take any space in travel bags or in the trunk of the car, unfolds super easily and quickly, and offers a place to safely make baby sleep while traveling. I find it very reassuring to have it with us especially if we don’t know wether the accommodation we booked will be able to provide a crib, as I would be worried to make our baby sleep in the bed with us (we use a co-sleeper at home). It’s also a great thing to have on a camping trip! Even in a tent or in a camper, baby can have a real bed, and we don’t have to worry about the sleeping situation.
Even if the mattress that goes with the crib is a little thin, I find it to be enough for a short trip. If you’re worried about comfort, Koo-di also makes a great inflatable mattress that goes in it and is super comfy!

Alice and baby sleeping in the Koo-di travel bassinet

The third way we’ve used it so far was to lay our baby down while staying at a friend’s or while going for a class or an appointment. As we are quite minimalists and wanted to not go overboard with accessories, we don’t have a baby bouncer or a stroller (we go around with baby in a sling or a wrap). Therefore when I went to my first postnatal yoga class I was really happy to be able to have the Koo-di for a quick set-up and a calmer lesson!

Using the Koo-di travel bassinet at yoga class

We also use the mattress from the Pop up bed as a play mat to put our baby under his arch and it’s perfect for comfort since he’s not moving all that much yet!

Using the Koo-di's mattress as a playmat under an arch

The only thing I’m not sure is wether we’ll be able to use it until our baby is 6 months old or not. But I’ll be sure to update this post once he reaches that age, or once we can’t use the travel crib anymore – whichever comes first!

The Koo-di Pop Up crib is very easy to use

I love the “pop up” system, which makes the crib from being tiny in folded form inside its bag to a full-sized bassinet once taken off the bag!

Before receiving it, I was scared that it would be complicated to set up, and to fold back. But that’s not the case at all! The set up is super easy: I was literally able to do half of it one-handed (I was holding the baby with the other one!) on the first time I set it up, with only the instructions given by Simone on the way. The other half was done in 30 seconds once I had my second had free. And as for folding it back in the bag? It’s even easier: just twist the framework and voilà!

Setting up the Koo-di travel crib


Everyone loves the Koo-di travel bassinet at home (our baby could gaze at its stars all day!), and it’s so practical we take it with us almost every time we go somewhere (even if we’re not sure to use it). Everybody really loved it at my yoga class too, so I can definitely recommend it to all the traveling families!

Thank you to Koo-di for sending us this great travel bassinet to test and review on this sponsored post. Our article only reflects our experience and honest opinion.

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Jacinta 22 May 2022 - 1 h 47 min

Hi Alice, great review! Thanks so much, it was really helpful. I have been looking at this bassinet too – my main concern is that it looks so small….! My baby is 4 months old and we’re about to go on a trip for a couple of months and need something that is practical like this – how long were you able to use it please?
Would you recommend?
Thank you!


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