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by Alice
View of Château Frontenac from the panorama at Quebec city Observatory

We left Paris in the second half of March to spend some time in the province of Québec, in Canada. We spent most of our time in Montréal, where my brother lives, but we took a few days to travel to Québec city. The capital of Quebec is a beautiful city – easily reachable from Montréal by bus – with tons of things to do, even at that time of year. Are you wondering what was the weather like in Québec city when we were there? It went from a few degrees under 0°C to a handful of degrees above, accompanied by a beautiful sunny sky! As long as you have a good coat, a beanie, good shoes, and everything is sealed in, you’re good!

How to go from Montréal to Québec?

Bus from Montréal to Québec : Orléans Express

When we decided we would go to Québec city from Montréal, we first hesitated between train and bus. Train is usually more comfortable, and bus cheaper. But my brother strongly recommended we take the Orléans Express bus – saying it was faster, cheaper, and comfortable. Since he’s been doing the trip a few times already, we thought it safe to follow his advice!

We took the bus at the Montréal Coach Terminal located on 1717 Berri Street. We took the metro to Berry UQAM, and from there everything is marked with arrows and everything, so no worries. The station in itself is pretty nice: there’s a coffee place and a convenience store, toilets, screens indicating the bus destinations and times of departure. We bought breakfast and went to queue in line for our Orléans Express bus to Québec. When the driver arrived, he scanned our tickets, took our luggages, and let us in with a smile.

Orléans Express bus coaches in Québec city

The bus was great. It was clean, with plastic bags at every row to put garbage in if necessary. There were USB and electrical plugs, as well as free wifi. With the wifi you can also check some of the free magazines put at the traveler’s disposal.

The way to Québec went smoothly, revealing beautiful landscapes. As you will read later on, Québec city has this thing that makes you feel like you’re in some kind of winter wonderland, and maybe it started with this drive for me. You see a lot of snow, a lot of places where I would have loved to stop and explore, small rivers with big chunks of ice at the surface… It was a sort of little trip in the trip!
Between the landscape and the wifi, the 3+ hours of bus went pretty quickly and before we knew it, we were in Québec city! Actually, we even arrived ahead of time!

Winter wonderland fields of snow on the way to Québec from Montréal by bus with Orléans Express

Once you get off the coach, be sure to have the exact change to take the bus around the city. It will cost you 3.5$* for a bus ticket. There is no métro in Québec city but a nice network of buses, and there’s a stop really close to the station.

And from Québec city to Montréal?

The way back from Québec to Montréal by bus with Orléans Express went as smoothly, despite the fact that this time the bus was full. It honestly didn’t matter and the services were as good as they were on the way in.

Actually, with all the long distance coaches we’ve taken around the USA and Europe, it’s safe to say that the coach drivers we’ve had for this roundtrip Montreal-Quebec were the nicest ones! The colder the place the warmer the people?

Simone getting in the Orléans Express bus in Montréal to Québec
• What’s the distance between Montreal and Quebec? roughly 230 km (145 miles).
• How long does it take by bus? About +/- 3 hours.
• How: Reach the Montréal Coach Terminal by going to the Berry UQAM metro station and following the signs to the bus station. Reach the Québec coach terminal (450 rue de la Gare du Palais) by taking the bus to the “Gare du Palais” stop.
• How much: The price for a roundtrip ticket Montreal-Quebec starts at 50$* when you book in advance. We were lucky to be invited by Orléans Express for this trip and travel with complimentary tickets.
• Good to know: The coaches have working toilets in them, with a hand sanitizer dispenser. In both Montréal coach terminal and Québec city coach terminal you will find lockers to put your luggage in if necessary. We didn’t check the Montréal ones, but in Québec city you have to get your things out of the locker by the time the station closes at night. It costs 4$.

Thanks to Orléans Express for hosting us for this trip!

*all the prices in this post are in Canadian Dollars.

Places to visit in Québec

There’s a lot of things to see in Québec city, even in the end of March, in-between seasons. We didn’t have the time to do everything there is to do in Québec city, but here’s the best of what you can’t miss!

Québec Observatory

Get on the elevator to the 31st floor and admire the incredible 360° view (the highest in the city!). At the end of March, Québec city is still a winter wonderland – my breath was taken away by the sheer beauty of it. It was definitely a great idea to go to the Québec Observatory first thing!

Horizons - the entrance of the 360 degree experience at Quebec Observatory View of Québec city buildings from the Observatory View of Château Frontenac from the panorama at Quebec city Observatory

It’s going to be hard to take your eyes off the windows, but Québec Observatory gives really interesting informations and facts about the city and the region, so do turn your back on the view from time to time to read the panels.

Motto of Québec city at the Observatory Simone taking picture from one of the bays at Quebec Observatory Beautiful snowy view of the Saint-Lawrence river in Québec city from the Observatory

The two immersive experiences (you will go through them on your journey, don’t worry) are extremely well-done. The immersion part – with hand-picked images and sounds – of the experience turns out to work really well, and you will be thrown into a timeless place, and a boundless one.
Tell us which one you preferred!

I really enjoyed the interactive screens as well, as they provide a quick and easy understanding of the city’s buildings and places of interest – and their history.

• Where : Marie-Guyart building, 1037 De La Chevrotière
• How: If you’re taking the bus, get off at the stop “Colline Parlementaire“. Opening hours and days change depending on the season so check out their website.
• How much: Free under 12, 11.50$ for student and 65+, 14.75$ for adults.

Thanks to QuebecRegion for hosting us during this breathtaking experience!

• You might like it too: Ciel – a restaurant / bar that rotates so you can have a 360° view of the city.

Old Québec

Quebec city is one of the oldest cities in Quebec province, so we were pretty excited to see the cutest and most famous part of the city: Old Québec. It’s possible you’ve seen Instagram feeds with magical pictures of le Petit Champlain district and the Château Frontenac that fit right into this winter wonderland atmosphere. We did enjoy Old Québec, but know it’s a rather small part of town and it’s not where we’ve spent the most of our time. However it’s a total must and you cannot forego spending some time over there!

Broad view of Old Québec from the lower level with the Château Frontenac

Houses of Old Québec

The streets – the Petit Champlain district, Place Royale…

These streets are cute, there’s no denying it. You feel like you’ve been dumped in a Christmas movie or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or something…. The place is full of colors, and feels really dreamy. If you need to buy any gifts or souvenirs, this is the place where you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. Most – if not all – the shops there are for touristic purposes.

Rue Cul de Sac with cute street sign in Old Québec city

One of the cute streets of Old Québec The street going to the funicular in the Petit Champlain district in Old Québec Souvenir shirt from Québec city

On the Place Royale – where Samuel de Champlain built the first dwelling in the province of Québec in 1608 – you will find the oldest stone church in North America: Notre-Dame-des-Victoires church. The construction was started in 1687 and finished in 1723.

Place Royale in Old Québec Petit Champlain district

If you’re wondering why the district is called « Petit Champlain », it’s because Samuel de Champlain was the French explorer and diplomat who founded the city in 1608.

Cute Old Québec Street Cute Petit Champlain district street in Old Québec Beautiful garden covered in snow in Petit Champlain district in Old Québec

Old Québec Funicular

Once you have thoroughly explored the little streets right out from a historical postcard on the lowest level, you’ll have to go up if you want to see the rest of what Old Québec has to offer.

You have two options to get up there: either take the funicular, or take L’Escalier « casse-cou » (the Breakneck stairs, built in 1635 and very steep). We did both and recommend the funicular to bask in the pretty view of the city and the Saint-Lawrence River, and to save your legs so climbing.

The House in which starts the funicular in Old Québec

View of lower level of Old Québec from inside the funicular

• Where: You’ll have to get inside the House Louis Jolliet (a tradesman, cartographer and hydrographer who discovered the Mississippi River), 16 rue Petit-Champlain
• How: By walking around the little street of Petit Champlain district. You’ll find it, it’s very close to the stairs and hard to miss.
• How much: free for children under 1.17m (46 inches) and for people in a wheelchair between May 1st to Oct 31st (the wheelchair is closed the rest of the year), 3$ otherwise.
• When: Admission times vary depending on the season, so check out the website before you go! Other than that: perfect timing is when you’re tired or lazy.

Thanks to QuebecRegion for offering us this experience and saving my tired legs!

• Otherwise: take the stairs.

1884 Toboggan slides

I was so excited by this, we absolutely had to do it!
Basically the 1884 Toboggan is a huge slide on the place in front of Château Frontenac, on which you can go down on a sled. How cool is that?!  You can be up to two people (plus a small child) on the sled (it’s better to be only one person on the sled when the snow has melted a bit), and three sleds can go side by side. You’ll have to take your own sled to the top of the slide (honestly, it was fun and it’s part of the game).

The century old toboggan slide in Old Québec Alice pulling her sled at the 1884 tobbogan slide in Old Québec Simone pulling both sleds at the Toboggan slide in Québec city

It’s better when there’s a lot of snow, but it was still pretty fun at the end of March, when it had melted a bit. The person taking care of it was really nice and welcoming, we loved having a chat with him. The toboggan slides have been there since 1884 – before the Château was even erected – and it can go pretty fast (up to 70 km/h!) so you’ll definitely feel your heart beat!

Simone winning the sled race on the Toboggan slide in Old QuébecWhat you see of the Toboggan slide when you arrive from the funicular in Québec city

Where: On the Dufferin Terrace, just by the Château Frontenac.
• How: You will see the toboggan slides it right away if you come from the funicular or the stairs. If you come from the other side of the Château, go around  and voilà!
• How much: 3$ for a single ride (SO worth it!!), 10$ for 4 slides. It was discounted to 2.50$ because the snow was not as good as during the season. We thought that was a pretty fair gesture!
• When: Depends on the weather, but usually from mid-December to mid-March. It was still on when we went on the 21st of March! Check their Facebook page to make sure.
• Otherwise: We saw a guy descending one of the hills of the city on a snowdeck (or a snowskate, not an expert). It looked pretty fun!

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

Quick question: do you think the Château used to be a castle now operated as a hotel?

Fairmont le Château Frontenac hotel in Old Québec

WRONG! (You’re not alone, that’s also what I thought)

The Château Frontenac has always been a hotel, but was designed to look like a castle for luxury tourism. Not a bad idea. It was named after the Count of Frontenac (Louis de Buade), who began the construction of the Citadelle in the late 17th century.

View of Château Frontenac standing at the top of Old Québec from the ferry

Fun fact: the Château is one of the filming locations of the Korean drama Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. Simone and I wondered why some Korean youngsters were taking pictures laughing in front of what we thought were random doors. Well, looks like they were not random doors!

Rue St Jean between the Porte Saint-Jean (one of the gates) and the Place de l’Hôtel de ville (city hall)

Saint-Jean street is a very long street, but its portion situated between the Porte Saint-Jean and the Place de l’Hôtel de ville (City Hall) is a really nice shopping street, with lots of little shops, cafés and bars.

Statue of the muse on the place before the Porte Saint-Jean Porte Saint-Jean in Québec city Rue Saint-Jean viewed from the Porte Saint-Jean in Québec city

If you’re looking for some delicious – and sometimes surprising – tea, make a stop at DavidsTea (1049 rue Saint-Jean) and if you’re looking for a winter/sports apparel bargain try one of the shops down the road!

Beautiful side street on rue Saint-Jean in Québec city Part of rue Saint-Jean in Québec city

La Source, the electronic goods shop we’ll refer to below is right after the Porte Saint-Jean (1000 rue Saint-Jean).

A house close to the Hôtel de ville in Québec city


Québec city – Lévis Ferry: the crossing

We knew we were not going to explore Lévis for lack of time, but we wanted to cross so we could experience being on the water while the Saint-Lawrence River was still full of big chunks of ice floating on the surface. It felt like we were in an ice-breaker, the sounds of the ice against the hull of the boat were fascinating, and the cold air refreshing.

View on the ferry from Québec to Lévis Another ferry boat on the Saint Lawrence river between Québec and Lévis Chunks of ice in the Saint-Lawrence River from the ferry Traversiers

Even if it was just crossing and back, we really enjoyed the ride and the beautiful views of Québec city at the end of the day. It didn’t take as long as we thought either (it takes around 12min to cross the 1km distance), and the way back towards Québec city with the sun low in the sky and the Château standing proud was kind of breathtaking too.

Simone admiring the view from the Traversiers ferry going from Québec city to Lévis Portrait of Alice on the ferry from Québec city to Lévis View of the Château Frontenac from the ferry leaving Lévis

Where: Québec City Ferry Terminal: 10 Des Traversiers Street. Lévis Ferry Terminal: 6001 Laurier St.
How: If you’re not already in Old Québec and want to take the bus, stop at “Gare Fluviale
How much: Free under 5, then from 2.40$ to 3.60$ depending on the age of the passenger. They have bike racks and electric vehicles go free. You can check all the prices including vehicle prices on the website.
When : All year round. Approximatively every 20 to 40 minutes. Check the complete schedule online.
• Also: If you want to explore Lévis but don’t want to take the ferry, two bridges connect the two cities: the Quebec bridge, and the Pierre Laporte.

Montmorency Falls

Montmorency Waterfall and National Park

There was absolutely no question about going or not to Montmorency Falls (called this way because the waterfall sits on the Montmorency River) during our stay in Québec city. We couldn’t miss it for the world! It’s not too far from the city center (around 13km) as a bus was taking us there without having to change lines. We just had to sit in there and wait to arrive.

When we got to the last bus stop, we felt a little bit lost. There wasn’t a huge sign saying “HERE! This is it! This is the Montmorency Falls Park!” but Simone spotted a sign that said basically we were getting in at our own risks. Not scary at all, nope! We perilously walked in the snow, trying not to slip and break our leg or another limb. The place was practically deserted, which was nice. We went down to a point of view to see the fall from closer.

The zipline at Montmorency Falls in Québec Simone admiring the view in front of Montmorency Fall in Québec Alice at Montmorency Falls in Québec View points of the Montmorency Falls in Québec Canada Alice admiring the view at Montmorency Falls in Québec

No matter how many falls you’ve seen before, it always feels impressive when you get close. The power of the water just throwing itself down, the whiteness of it, the snow covered bottom of the fall… It’s hard to not get this funny feeling of being so small in such a big world. Funny how nature’s biggest creations can put everything into place….

Snow covered ground in front of Montmorency Falls in Québec View of the bottom of the Montmorency Waterfall still covered in snow and ice, in Québec, Canada View of the snow covered grounds in the Park of Montmorency Falls in Québec Canada

We could see the zipline that people use to cross and knew that we’ll have to come back during the warmer months and try that one! After all, Montmorency Falls is 83m high (which is 30m higher than the Niagara Falls!) and that has to be an incredible sight to encourage you to do some via ferrata and hiking on a cliff, right?!

Then we went back up and crossed the suspension bridge to admire the breathtaking view some more. After that we walked a bit in the snow (to practice our balance), crossed a small slippery bridge and had a little fun in the snow before leaving.

Simone on the suspension bridge above the Montmorency Waterfall in Québec Simone going to play in the snow in Montmorency Falls Park in Québec Simone throwing a snowball at Montmorency Falls in Québec Simone playing with a snow ball at the Montmorency Falls Park in Québec Alice enjoying the snow-covered grounds at the Montmorency Falls Park Alice on a field covered with snow at the Park of Montmorency Falls in Québec

I was a bit disappointed that we couldn’t do a trail with snowshoes or something, but at that time of year it was not possible to rent any equipment on site during the week, maybe in the weekend. Be sure to check on the website what’s open and what’s not before you go.

We also forgot (the beauty of the landscape’s fault, most probably) to go down to see the foot of the fall. Don’t miss it and tell us all about it!

• Where: 5300 Boulevard Sainte-Anne for the Falls or 2490 avenue Royale (zipline & via ferrata)
• How: We took the bus 800 to the Des Rapides stop.
• How much: It’s free to check out the waterfall, cross the bridge, etc. If you want to buy bus tickets, parking spots, or want to do some zipline, use the cable car, do via ferrata or rent some equipment, check the prices on the website.
• When: The opening hours and days of the services change depending on the season. Check the website.


Where to eat in Québec city when you’re vegan

Burgers: Chez Victor

There are a bunch of Chez Victor restaurants around, so we went twice, at two different locations. The places had both their own particular decor and atmosphere, and we really liked them and the food (of course). Chez Victor has two vegan burgers (L’Indien and the Veganator) which are delicious and HUGE (I know because I tasted both!). They have vegan cheese and veganaise, perfect to satisfy the worst burger needs! The staff was nice at both locations, so we really enjoyed our time there.

For our first meal in Québec city we went at the restaurant on rue Saint-Jean, and the last at the Saint-Paul location, which is two minutes away from the coach/train station. You should definitely consider stopping there on your way to/from the terminal!

Veganator vegan burger at restaurant Chez Victor on rue Saint Jean in Québec city

Pizza: Nina Pizza Napolitaine

In Paris, it’s not easy to find pizza places where they do vegan pizza, even the simplest Italian delicacy: the marinara. But at Nina Pizza Napolitaine they had the marinara AND two other vegan pizza with more stuff on it (but don’t make any mistake, it’s not because the Marinara doesn’t  have fancy stuff on that it’s not coma-inducingly delicious). We ordered a marinara and the Piena di Verdure vegan pizza with its mushroom bacon (hm, yes please!) and shared. They were both to die for.

At least take Simone’s opinion seriously: he said the crust was yummy, and it really was. Run over there! You’ll find the restaurant at 410 rue Saint-Anselme.

View of the restaurant Nina Pizza Napolitaine with vegan options in Québec city Marinara vegan pizza at Nina Pizza Napolitaine in Quebec city Piena di verdura vegan pizza at Nina Pizza Napolitaine in Québec city

Japanese food: Tora-Ya Ramen

What’s harder to find than vegan pizza in Paris? Vegan ramen in any Japanese restaurant around the world.

But not in Québec! Tora-Ya Ramen have vegan ramen that are made in miso broth, with veggies and no eggs or anything. It was delicious and so filling Simone had to finish my bowl. That might be because I ate most of the side of Agedashi tofu (super yummy fried tofu) we had ordered, because #sorrynotsorry it was sooooooo good!!

Tora Ya Ramen restaurant in Québec Tora Ya Ramen japanese restaurant in Québec city with vegan options Vegan Ramen bowl at Tora Ya Ramen in Québec city

Tora-Ya Ramen is pretty close to Nina Pizza, at 75 rue Saint-Joseph Est.


Where to stay in Québec city

Hôtel Château Laurier

We made a full review about our stay in the beautiful La Luxueuse room at Hôtel Château Laurier: we had a beautiful time. It’s outside of Old Québec – not far from the ramparts of the Citadelle – but for us it was actually better: more practical, less people, less noise.

The hotel – beside great rooms – has an indoor saltwater pool, finnish saunas, spa, and electronic wine bars (why yes, you read that right)!

Beautiful and comfy bedroom at Hôtel Château Laurier in Québec city Having a drink in front of the fireplace in our bedroom at Hôtel Château Laurier in Québec


Winter sports in Québec: watch out for any competition

Big Air World Cup in Québec city

We were so lucky that the Big Air WorldCup was starting on our last day in Québec city! We spent an hour watching in awe the contestants doing their flips for the qualifications!

A contestant of Big Air competition doing a flip Watching contestants at Big Air World cup 2018 in Québec city Professional skier competiting at Big Air Worldcup 2018 in Québec City

That did not set high expectations for our ski day AT ALL!!!

A contestant at Big Air World cup doing a figure

More seriously, always check out if something is going on when you’re coming to Québec because it’d be so sad to miss something like that!

Good to know

Where to find SD cards for your camera

We ran out of space on our SD card thanks to our new amazing camera making huge pictures. We were in the middle of Old Québec when it happened and believe us when we say that we went to E V E R Y souvenir shops and none on them sold SD cards. We found that pretty surprising, but mostly problematic.

Someone suggested we went to La Source, the electronics shop on rue Saint-Jean (1000 rue Saint-Jean – just by the Porte Saint-Jean, you can’t miss it) so we gave up after checking out honestly every shop in the area and went back there to buy a card. They had extensive choice about everything electronic so don’t freak out if you forget your charger or run out of SD card space like us!

Quebec city public transportation

As said earlier, be sure to have some (exact) change when you arrive in Québec city to buy a bus ticket, unless you really want to walk. Once you get to the RTC office, you can choose between tickets, day passes, etc. We decided to go with day passes since they’re not that expensive and we expected to take the bus a lot.


Warm thanks to Orléans Express and QuebecRegion for hosting us during this trip. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed on this post are completely our own.

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Eva 13 April 2018 - 2 h 34 min

Wow! You really did do a lot. Thanks for sharing your experience. My sister and I were planning on a trip out to Quebec in early December but everyone keeps telling us how cold it will be.

Laura 13 April 2018 - 17 h 25 min

Love your photos! Montreal looks so charming! (and that pizza… yum)

Jean Neuhart 13 April 2018 - 17 h 40 min

Wow. Between the sights, architecture, and food, there’s a lot to see and do. I’m not vegan, but would definitely give that burger and pizza a try – they both look so yummy! Thanks for sharing!

Lily 13 April 2018 - 17 h 55 min

I love your pictures and recommendations! I wasn’t able to make it out to Quebec City the last time I was in Canada (well, the only time I was in Canada), but I’d go back just for this! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

Varsha 13 April 2018 - 20 h 27 min

Hey, what a beautiful post this is. You have covered all the possible points with so many details. I have heard a lot about Quebec but your post was one of the most informative till now. The coach details are no doubt very useful for someone new in the city. The tip about SD card is especially very important. Vegan guide is also particularly interesting for me. Your photos are very nice. All these things lead to adding Quebec straight to my bucket list. 🙂

Mams 14 April 2018 - 13 h 11 min

Whaou ! Quel beau Voyage ! De belles architectures et de la neige . Merci pour ces jolies photos qui nous permettent de voyager avec vous.

Emily 14 April 2018 - 13 h 46 min

I went to school in Ottawa and always said I wanted to take a road trip to Quebec City. Unfortunately it never happened but it is still on my list of places to visit so I’m pinning this guide for when I do make it there! Great post!

Becky 14 April 2018 - 14 h 39 min

Thanks for all the awesome tips, and those pictures are amazing! 🙂

Mina 14 April 2018 - 16 h 58 min

Wow! So many amazing things to do in Quebec city… Really hope I’ll make it to Canada soon (dreaming of it since forever) and will definitely include Quebec to my itinerary.
Lovely photos by the way

Nailah 14 April 2018 - 17 h 58 min

I’m getting ready to go to Quebec City in about a month (my first visit). Thank you for these great suggestions!

Olivia 14 April 2018 - 19 h 19 min

Quebec City is one of my favourite places in Canada, it’s our little slice of Europe! I’ve always wanted to go for the Winter Carnival!

jeanelle 14 April 2018 - 20 h 50 min

I Love Quebec city . These are things I didn’t think of doing . I will think of doing these things next time I visit.

Katie 14 April 2018 - 21 h 29 min

Great post! I am heading here later in the year with my parents and will definitely be using your helpful guide. The waterfalls look stunning. Thanks for sharing ????

Sidrah 15 April 2018 - 12 h 23 min

Oh my God your pics are compelling me to visit this place soon. Thank you for sharing and letting us know about this place. Wod love to visit quebec some day

Unta 15 April 2018 - 18 h 48 min

Wow, Québec looks so cool. I think observatory put those panels in the wrong area, that view is amazing! 🙂

laagan kaayo 16 April 2018 - 10 h 02 min

I AM A BIG FAN OF GOBLIN!!!!! <3 <3 <3 and Quebec is really part of my bucket list!!! and your post made me even more inspired to come here soonest!!!

Ferny 18 April 2018 - 21 h 33 min

What a great post! I’ll be there on September and I was sure about taking the train Montreal Quebec, but with your opinion I’m thinking the bus is a great idea too!
Old Quebec a must and I enjoyed your photos so much, and the vegan food of course.

Jim Jones 18 April 2018 - 23 h 40 min

Looks like a lovely (albeit cold!) trip! I’ve been to Quebec City once, just for a day…but I loved it. Old Quebec seems like a little slice of historic Europe to me…loved the vibe there.

Helen 20 April 2018 - 14 h 35 min

Sounds like it was a great adventure, I love visiting waterfalls and having pizza is always a plus!

Yvonne 20 April 2018 - 14 h 38 min

Lovely!! Your pictures of The Château Frontenac brought me back to when I took a trip to Quebec in high school. I would love to go back and bring my kids, I love the historical feel of the city.

Dee 28 July 2019 - 7 h 32 min

Thank you for all of the details and web links. Your site is easy and interesting to read. Your pictures are great. I will definitely read some of your other posts! Enjoy your travels!


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