TakeYourBag is now a Family Travel Blog!

by Alice
Turning into a family travel blog

You might have noticed that the traveling has been drastically reduced since we parked our camper van in Grenoble, France at the end of November – for the end of my pregnancy and the birth of our baby boy! We still managed to go on a couple of ski trips in the region (in Chamrousse and Alpe d’Huez) and back to Paris (if you missed Simone’s series on the best bars in Paris, go read it here and here). Simone is due to go on a trip to Rome very soon, and mid-July we’re resuming our traveling for real – and as a family of three with a tiny newborn!

From couple travel blog to family travel blog

What does that mean for our blog?

The transition from couple to family travel blog has been on our minds for a while now, wondering what that would mean for our trips and the content we produce. Our best guess is that TakeYourBag will be less of a “backpacking” type of blog and more of a “comfort and practicality is key” one. At the moment, our baby is mostly sleeping and feeding, so children’s activities are not on the list just yet, but we need to plan for comfort and safety more than we used to.

Honestly, I find it extremely exciting. Because it’s a new challenge, and because now Simone will let me revel in my passion for planning to its fullest extent. This is going to be FUN!

What to expect now?

Expect an even bigger load of informations and details on our trips and their destinations, comparisons of services and plenty of alternatives (we now have to be ready for anything, don’t we?!).

But first and foremost, what you can expect is even more trips than we’ve ever been on! We have gone fully digital and we’ve taken the blog to the next level. It had already started when we’d left everything in Paris to go on our van trip, and now things have been put into perspective even more.

A baby takes time, a baby can get sick and worry you to an early grave (it already happened, so we know), and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities and the demands of a tiny human. Why go through this in a tiny apartment in a place that doesn’t bring us as much joy as traveling does? With a bit of organization and planning, we’ll have much more fun taking care of our little one on a golden beach or visiting a cute town we’ve never been to, eating gelato in Italy or sailing the Adriatic. Don’t you think?

So be ready for a lot more trips coming your way this summer – and some cute baby pics.

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