The traveling way of life – Philly to Pittsburgh

by Alice & Simone
Simone playlist

Simone Roadtrip Playlist #1

A musical trip on the bus from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh 

On the highway again, listening to Blind Melon’s Change while eating leftovers peanuts is the perfect picture for this trip…

Change – Blind Melon

Air conditioning is on and really at its maximum, the sun is our excellent companion shining over the panorama that surrounds us….

Will you recognize what I’m lip syncing ?
[give us the good answer in the comment and win a Paris bus ticket !!]

Right at this moment of our trip we clearly realize that we feel much more comfortable with cities not as big as Rome, Paris or NYC. Easy-leaving cities less stressful are the right ones for us.

Sun is going down, the land is becoming a huge wide green spot, rivers, hills and the music in my ears:

Bugging blues – Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

Obviously, there are always things bothering the sweet perfection of the moment

but it is part of this kind of travel­ choice:

Now, we shall behave and try to understand that the woman sitting behind us is probably having the worst time ever, but maybe she should stop talking, whining, and screaming on the phone for so long!!!!

Riot on the Radio by The Dead 60s, and Punk Rocker by the Teddy bears fit perfectly………….

10 P.M, we’re leaving State College and a thought appears to me like a flash: I need to find a way to live like this: TRAVELING

Move by yourself – Donavon Frankenreiter

Around midnight, we arrive in Pittsburgh and take a taxi to Liverpool street.

Stairway to heaven – Rodrigo and Gabriela

Good night!


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