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by Alice
Home: A restaurant with vegan options in Belfast (1)
If you follow us on Instagram, you might know that we celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Belfast. As we couldn’t go on a weekend getaway as we wanted, we decided to make it our best night in Belfast. How did it play out? Well, mission accomplished! Thanks to recommendations from colleagues of Simone, we went to try the restaurant called Home, as they also have a vegan menu on top of their regular menu. And we loved it! So imagine our delight when VisitBelfast organised a complimentary meal for us weeks later so we could properly review the place. Over the moon!


article written by: Alice & Simone
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Home: A restaurant with vegan options in Belfast (1)

Home: A restaurant with vegan options in Belfast

Home: A restaurant with vegan options in Belfast (1)
Home is located in a very central and lively location in Belfast just a minute away from the City Hall. From outside, the restaurant is already inviting, with it’s cute oil bottles, packs of coffee and beautiful books ready for you to purchase. The restaurant features a bar counter, a great dining hall divided in two parts, one where we were seated for diner and another one that might probably be used more for lunch. Thanks to how the restaurant is laid out, you can get seats for small or big parties, and will always be comfortable. Home is a perfect name for the place, as this is where it will make you feel! The bench seats have nice little cushions, and the wallpaper and frames transport you right into your dreamed living room! Home is also a gallery, as all the framed pictures you’ll see are for sale, from local artists. Being « local » is something that is dear to Home, as you will read on their website they’re proud of using locally produced ingredients as much as they can.
feeling like home at Home restaurant Belfast (1)

Home is also displaying and selling some local art

As mentioned above, Home is very accommodating and offers several types of menus, including a vegan one. Although only Alice is vegan, we don’t advertise here any meal made of animal products (and we try our best to keep all our content vegan), so we both ordered food from the vegan menu (which we regularly do to be able to pick in each other’s plate). This way you will also have the point of view of a non-vegan on the vegan food served there!

Our experience of a restaurant with vegan options in Belfast

Our waiter seated us right away and gave us the menus, including the vegan one that we requested. We decided on glasses of red Merlot wine from Chile. It’s really delicious and perfectly paired with the food we ordered.
What’s interesting with the vegan menu is that you can choose most items either as starters or mains, which allows you to test different things and see what combination works best for you.
 A restaurant with vegan options in Belfast : Home (3)

The starters

We had no idea of what our choices would look like, and it was honestly hard to choose as everything looked good in this menu. We wanted to be able to taste different types of food, so Simone took the Super salad with cashew mayo (6.5£) and Alice went with the warm salad of potato, chickpea, chermoula & preserved lemon (6.5£).
The Super salad was very light and fresh, perfect for an easy spring or summer meal. The potato salad Alice took felt a bit more filling than the salad, along with being somewhat spicy and warm. It’s a good choice for a hungry stomach or a cold night!

The main dish

Simone went this time with the more filling choice, the North-African sweet potato, lentil & chickpea curry (11.75£). This delectable dish is an example of how balanced the food can be at Home. Nutritious and full of protein, it’s the ideal vegan choice to leave the restaurant both full and delighted. We’re both big curry fans and even though we’re more used to asian types of curry, this one was mouthwatering. The spices are very present without being overwhelming and it’s overall very tasty.
Alice took the Salt and pepper tofu, pepper slaw & riata (9.50£) and the result was really surprising! Tofu has the reputation to be quite bland and boring, but the way it was cooked made it anything but! It made the tofu very light and fluffy. The dish was less heavy than the curry, and the vegan sauce easily made it a major delicacy.

Dessert & Cocktail

There is a separate menu for dessert, and the only vegan option would be the sorbets (5.75£). When we went, it was 3 scoops: black currant, mango and lemon. The waiter went to make sure all the flavours were indeed vegan, which shows their concern for the wellbeing of their customers. We also went for our favorite cocktail, a Daiquiri. It’s a classic, but we were favourably surprised by the fact that the bartender came directly to our table to enquire about our tastes and preferences when it came to the choice of alcohol or degree of sweetness. That’s a real example of great customer care, and an excellent end to a very pleasant dining experience.

A restaurant with vegan option in Belfast : Home (8)

Daiquiri and sorbets


If you want a healthy, well-balanced vegan meal in Belfast, don’t look any further and head to Home right now. Wether you’re famished or just want to delight your tastebuds with ingenious dishes, you will find what you’re looking for. Along with an attentive and nice personnel, as well as a comfortable homey place, it’s hard to find a reason not to try it out.
Home seems to be somewhat the place to be in Belfast at the moment, and for good reasons. So well… you should definitely be there!
We feel 100% confident recommending the restaurant and certain that you will enjoy it as much as we did!

If you go, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments to share your experience!


We’ve been guests of VisitBelfast for this diner experience, but as always, all opinions are our own.


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Kathi 1 July 2017 - 11 h 28 min

Sounds like a great experience and the food looks amazing! Hoping to go to Belfast soon, as Northern Ireland is high on my list. Thanks for the recommendation!

Simone Cardillo 3 July 2017 - 18 h 04 min

Hi Kathy Northern Ireland has amazing “on the road” panorama, so take a bus or hire a car an go for it.
You’ll be surprise for the good quality of restaurants, but this one is TOP PICK!

Lisa 1 July 2017 - 19 h 24 min

I’ve not yet travelled to Belfast, but it’s nice to know there’s options for everyone when it comes to eating out! Those main courses look delicious, and pretty big too! It just shows you that vegan/vegetarian eating doesn’t just mean a lettuce leaf!

Simone Cardillo 3 July 2017 - 18 h 06 min

Exactly, you made the point! Sometimes people still thinks that vegan/vegetarian just means lettuce leaf!

Erika @LatinAtlas 6 July 2017 - 18 h 33 min

I’ve never been to Belfast (on the list!). Looks like Home is on a super cute street though. I’m even more intrigued. Per your post, Home checks all the boxes: atmosphere, customer service and high quality food/drinks! After reading your post though, I’m thinking it would be amazing to visit when it’s cold. It seems extra cozy. I could imagine finishing that meal with the sorbet and a cup of hot chocolate. lol

Alice Cardy 10 July 2017 - 22 h 54 min

Oh my god, YES! I feel the same! Imagine this warm curry on a cold winter night?! I wouldn’t even want to leave the restaurant, I think!


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