A day with a baby in Ostrava, Czech Republic

by Alice
A day in Ostrava Czech Republic

Our time in Ostrava was short (and so is this post!), as it was only meant to be a stop on our way from Austria to Poland on our Central Europe road trip. We knew we wouldn’t be able to visit much with our 4 month old baby, especially as the August heat was scorching in the 3rd most important city in Czech Republic. And honestly, we were not thinking much of this place…. until we got there and actually really enjoyed it! We would have loved to have more time to do all the things to do in Ostrava because there’s quite a few cool attractions and the laidback atmosphere was quite refreshing after Vienna!

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Things to do in Ostrava in a day

New City Hall Observation Tower

As you might have understood by now, we are huge fans of beautiful views. So of course the first thing we decided to do in Ostrava was to find the best place to get a good view of the city. We therefore started our day by heading to the New City Hall to take the elevator to the viewing platform, 70m above ground.

Ostrava New City Hall
Don’t be shy to get in the city hall, you can follow the arrows and take the elevator to the 6th floor. Once there, you will be able to purchase tickets and take another elevator to the observation deck.
It’s quite gorgeous and something special to watch a city so freely, as we were the only ones there for a while. Do take a look with all the binoculars: they’re free and allow you to see so much better and farther. From there, you can see famous landmarks, and even Poland!

The observation deck in Ostrava Beautiful Ostrava view from the observation deck View from Ostrava New city hall observation platform

Dolni Vitkovice – Industrial complex to Science and Technology center

We then walked to the bus station to get a ride to Dolni Vitkovice. It wasn’t very close, but we couldn’t decently leave Ostrava without checking out this famous landmark. The sight of the metallurgy district is quite arresting: the repurposed steel structures are so imposing and the area is huge! You could easily spend half a day exploring the whole place.

Arriving in Dolni Vitkovice Ostrava Czech Republic Dolni Vitkovice industrial complex in Ostrava Czech Republic Visiting the Dolni Vitkovice Science and Technology Center in Ostrava

There is a lot to see in Dolni Vitkovice and to learn about Ostrava’s history, so it’s a good idea to take a guided tour. We weren’t comfortable doing so with such a young and demanding baby so we walked around by ourselves, all the way to the Science Museum.

Ostrava’s Science Museum looked like a very fun place to visit, especially with kids, but we didn’t have the time to do so unfortunately.

The steps to the Science Museum in Ostrava The funny bench in front of the Science Museum in Ostrava

Other ideas for a day in Ostrava

Here’s a list of what we didn’t get to do in Ostrava but is still on our list for next time!

  • Checking the beer factory: the Ostravar Brewery
  • Partying on Stodolní street
  • Going to Landek Park
  • Exploring the colorful Old Town

Practical information on spending a day in Ostrava with a baby

We were definitely impressed with Ostrava, which seemed to be at the border between relaxing old town and booming cultural center. It’s a very attractive city where to spend a couple of days to discover something new off the beaten path. And it’s definitely kids friendly! Also the language was not a problem and we communicated pretty well all the time.

Dolni Vitkovice plane

Where to stay in Ostrava

We booked a room at Quality Hotel Ostrava City and had a great time. The staff was very nice, the parking lot huge, and we enjoyed the fact that there was a gym, a sauna, and a vegan-friendly restaurant all on-site. With our baby it made everything so much easier and nicer!

Going around Ostrava

Transportation was surprisingly very effective, practical and reliable. To pay, you can use cash or a contacless card, directly in the bus or tram! We were definitely impressed as this system is way more practical than what exists in most of Western Europe.

Paying in Ostrava

In Czech Republic the currency isn’t the euro but the Czech crown. We didn’t need any cash (thanks to the amazing contactless system in the buses and tramways!!) and didn’t change any money, only used our N26 account.

Click here if you’d like to open an N26 account

Is Ostrava baby-friendly?

Yes! I had no problem breastfeeding in Ostrava and we were quite comfortable babywearing. We actually saw a few women use beautiful carriers, more so than anywhere else so far (and the city was pretty deserted at the time)!

Breastfeeding in Ostrava Czech Republic

1 day with a baby in Ostrava Czech Republic

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