Megabus from NYC to Boston – Our Bus Trip Experience

by Alice & Simone

This review is part of our 3-month bus road trip across the US and this trip happened at the beginning of our adventure. It was our first bus ride, going from New York City where we landed to the next place on our itinerary: Boston. We chose Megabus as it was the cheapest and most convenient option for us.

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Bus from NYC to Boston

Taking the bus from NYC to Boston

We had booked a morning bus to Boston and waking up at 7 am in our Brooklyn Airbnb was quite hard. The night before, our neighbors had decided to have a little party and two other travelers of our Airbnb decided to get to know each other by chatting loudly at a late hour… But we were super excited to go to Boston, so it wasn’t a big deal!
Once our bags were packed, we left the Airbnb in Brooklyn to go take our Megabus to Boston.

Megabus from NYC to Boston

The Megabus stop was under the burning sun and the queue was endless… until we learnt that those people queuing were actually waiting for the 9:10 am bus (it was already passed 9:10 am… so let’s not mention Megabus’ punctuality…).
So we went back to the top of the line and sat down in the shade to wait another hour for our bus.

Unsurprisingly, our bus left 40 min late, but we really didn’t care at all since we have reserved seats (not together but each on one side of the aisle), that there was free wi-fi and outlets that actually worked, the weather was beautiful and everything seemed (and was) okay in this bus.

We took this time to deal with some business we couldn’t deal with before for lack of wi-fi or because we were too tired. We sent important mails, checked how were people and things, a friend introduced us to people in cities we still didn’t have accommodations in, and finally I could work a bit.

We of course arrived in Boston a good hour late because of the time we left at, but also because there was a lot of traffic to get out of New York!

Megabus from NYC to Boston : Should you book a ticket?

Definitely consider these time issues when booking your Megabus from NYC to Boston tickets! Otherwise the experience was rather good and we would recommend it, as long as you are not pressed by the time.

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