Flying from Boston to Detroit

by Alice & Simone

We only took 2 domestic flights on our honeymoon bus road trip in the USA, and this was one of those. We had to be in Detroit at a certain time and we also had to go a bit faster if we wanted to see all the places we wanted to visit on this road trip.

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Flying from Boston to Detroit

After a full day in Boston, we got our bags from the hostel and it took a very short time to go from there to the airport, which was great. Our flight was at 9pm and fortunately customs, check-in etc. went well and very fast. We had chosen to fly to Detroit with Spirit as it was the cheapest option for us at the time.

Boston - Chinatown

Our flight with Spirit from Boston to Detroit

Our experience with Spirit has been amazing. When we checked the bags, the attendant offered to refund at least Simone if he wanted to keep his bagage as a cabin one because it wasn’t too big. We declined but that was really nice of her! Then one of the stewardess was pretty badass, we loved her attitude, she was full of sass! Two examples :
-When we were about to take off she made the announcement and started with “Welcome on this flight to California”….. When people started to react she hurried to say “Detroit ! Detroit, not California! I was just checking if you were listening!!”
-At the end, when we had just landed but where still on taxi mode : “Please keep your seatbelt fastened until the signal has been turned off! Put back your seatbelt on, folks ! I can hear you clickin”’
And the flight was totally uneventful so: perfect.

Arriving in Detroit

Once we got back our backpacks, we met Simone’s cousin and her future husband who came to pick us up at the airport. In the car, they told us a bit about Detroit, and showed us the bridge that connects Detroit to Canada. That was pretty cool.

Once home, we went to bed after a glass of wine, happy to rest !

Simone & the dogs

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