From NJ to New York City !

by Alice & Simone

Adventure #3.1 : Loch Arbour, Allenhurst, New York City, Monday 27th June 2016.

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Written by : Alice

Today we are leaving New Jersey to go to New York City ! While I enjoyed a lazy late morning in bed, Simone went to say goodbye to the ocean and took a walk.
Around noon we go to have lunch at Allenhurst Beach Club Bistrot with Ronnie, his girlfriend Margie, and Lorraine. Robert joins us at the end of our lunch to say goodbye…

Back at home, it’s time to pack the bags… We’re not sad per say, but it feels weird to leave what has been our “home” for the last two weeks… And especially Simone’s family, who has shown us incredible hospitality and generosity… We are forever grateful and happy for having spent time here, with them.

Richard drives us to Allenhurst train station where we meet Robert who came to see us before we leave. It’s hard to say goodbye, especially as we don’t know when we will see them next…
But they leave, and we wait for the train, trying to find some shade in this sunny weather!


Waiting for the train at Allenhurst station

So we go again through the same itinerary we went through once to go to NYC, i.e. 2 hours of train with a change at Long Branch, our destination being Penn Station.


On the train to New York

As we left late(r than expected) from Loch Arbour, we arrive late and we decide to put our bags at the Airbnb we have booked in Brooklyn and hang around the neighborhood for the night. Manhattan will have to wait.

We enjoy the sight of the little brick houses, one next to the other, and find a Japanese restaurant 20min away from our apartment. After eating (we were starving to say the least), we go have a drink in a small pub on our way back before going to bed. It’s their quiz night, and it brings up some memories from the Wos!

Pub in Brooklyn

Pub in Brooklyn

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