Portballintrae : Day trip to the sea from Belfast

Portballintrae : Day trip to the sea from Belfast

After our time at Whiterocks beach and as the weather wasn’t so great, we decided to hit the next town on our list. It happened to be Portballintrae, chosen for its beautiful pictures on google and perfect to end our day trip to the sea from Belfast.

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Portballintrae (1)

Welcome to Portballintrae

It was not a mistake, Portballintrae is a beautiful place with great views and a mystical atmosphere. It towers above the sea and you feel like your inside a postcard….
Portballintrae (2)
As we were starving, we quickly checked around for restaurants but it seemed like the Bayview Hotel was our best bet. Their restaurant has a view on the sea, which is particularly nice. They easily fixed a vegan sandwich for Alice with no complaint and the prices weren’t bad.
Portballintrae (3) - Lunch at Bayview Hotel

The incredible views of Portballintrae

Once feeling better, we went on to explore the town, starting with the view from just outside the restaurant. The houses were really cute and we wouldn’t have minded staying a couple days over there…
As we mentioned, Portballintrae towers over the water but it has another surprise for the visitors that we had no idea about…
Portballintrae (4) Portballintrae (5) Portballintrae (5) Portballintrae (8) Portballintrae (7)

Lisanduff Prehistoric Site in Portballintrae

In the meadow, two concentrical crops. They date back to the Bronze Age (3000BC) and haven’t revealed all of their secrets yet. For now, what we know is that one would have been a fort to protect people and animals, and the other was probably used for water rituals.
Portballintrae (9) Portballintrae (10) Portballintrae (11)This very beautiful place, combined with a moody sky and the rain drizzling, gives out a very magical or mystical atmospherePortballintrae (12) Portballintrae (13)
Portballintrae (14)

Bye bye Portballintrae

Our day trip to the sea from Belfast ended in Portballintrae when the rain poured on us. We hurried back to the bus stop and hopped on with relief!Portballintrae (16)

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    Portabllintrae looks amazing with all the view and green grass. I’d love to try those vegan sandwiches as well! You were so lucky that it didn’t rain until the end of the day!

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