Manhattan review

EN version, NYC, USA

Adventure #3.2 : Manhattan, Tuesday 28th June 2016. [Cliquez ici pour lire la version française] Post written by : Alice Today is the big day for me, I can finally visit the legendary city of New York ! As Simone already knows the place pretty well, I had basically full decision powers (his only demands […]

5 July 2016

Panorama de Manhattan


Aventure #3.2 : Manhattan, mardi 28 juin 2016. [Click here to read the English version] Article écrit par : Alice Aujourd’hui, c’est le grand jour pour moi, je visite enfin la ville mythique de New York ! Vu que Simone connaît déjà bien la ville, j’ai en gros carte blanche (ses seules exigences sont Central Park et […]

4 July 2016

From NJ to New York City !

EN version, New Jersey, NYC, USA

Adventure #3.1 : Loch Arbour, Allenhurst, New York City, Monday 27th June 2016. [Lire l’article en français] Written by : Alice Today we are leaving New Jersey to go to New York City ! While I enjoyed a lazy late morning in bed, Simone went to say goodbye to the ocean and took a walk. […]

4 July 2016