Fête de l’indépendance à Détroit


Aventure #5.2 : Lundi 4 juillet 2016 – fête de l’indépendance- , Détroit. [read the article in English] [Simone :] Ce matin, le réveil était trop difficile pour Alice, donc je l’ai laissée au lit et suis descendu prendre mon premier café Chemex (une sorte de cafetière à filtre) de la journée.  Victoria et Hans, qui ont […]

2 August 2016

[Happy] 4th of July party [!] & history of Detroit

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Adventure #5.2 : Monday 4th of July 2016, Detroit. [lire l’article en français] [Simone :]  This morning, waking up is hard to do for sweet Alice, so I left her in bed and went down to have my first Chemex coffee of the day. Chemex is a filtered jar coffee procedure. Victoria and Hans, who have organized […]

2 August 2016

Beach & Arcade games @ Detroit

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Adventure #5.1 : Detroit, Sunday 3rd July 2016. [Simone’s article. Alice’s words in italics] I woke up and had coffee while Alice stayed in bed late. Then we went to have a late brunch at “The Brooklyn Street Local“, a vegan friendly place. I had Poutine & scrambled “eggs” (vegan). Simone usually has vegan food when […]

19 July 2016

Last day in Boston & Flight to Detroit

Boston, Detroit, Massachusetts, Michigan, USA

Adventure #4.3 : Boston to Detroit, Saturday 2nd July 2016. [Cliquez ici pour lire l’article en français] This article is brought to you by Simone, with some commentaries by Alice in italics. Terrible night again…. between a snoring guy and Gunther coming back to the room at an ungodly hour and making looooots of noise […]

18 July 2016