Road Trip across the USA by Bus | Our Itinerary


Two years ago, we were going on our first big road trip together. This bus trip across the USA was our honeymoon, and it lasted almost 3 months, practically the duration of what we are allowed to stay in the States without a visa. It wasn’t planned at all. Actually we started planning the first […]

19 juin 2018

9 Off the Beaten Path Things to Do in NYC

New York, USA

I went to New York City for the first time two years ago, at the beginning of our 3 months road trip across the USA. I had big hopes for New York. I thought it would be my favorite city in the whole world, the place I aspired to live in and where I’d become […]

27 mai 2018

Des livres qui vont vous faire rêver de voyage (1)

Books - Livres, EN FRANCAIS, Mood

De nouvelles catégories s’invitent sur TakeYourBag, et l’une d’elle est la catégorie culturelle. Pour le premier article de cette catégorie, j’ai décidé de parler des livres qui font rêver de voyage et j’ai demandé à des blogueuses francophones de participer. Nous allons donc vous présenter : Au gré du Yukon (Joël Allano), Dans les forêts […]

3 mai 2018

The Montreal Botanical Garden and Planetarium : Space for Life


During our trip in the Quebec province, we didn’t visite any museum, but we had a particularly great time at the Space for Life (Espace pour la vie), with the Botanical Garden and the Tinto Rio Alcan Planetarium in Montréal. Lire cet article en français The Botanical Garden of the Space for Life and Butterflies […]

27 avril 2018

Que faire en voyage à Québec ? [guide vegan]


Nous sommes partis de Paris à la mi-mars pour aller faire un tour au Québec, au Canada. Nous avons passé l’essentiel de notre temps à Montréal, où vit mon frère, mais nous avons également passé quelques jours dans la ville de Québec. La très belle capitale de la province – facilement accessible de Montréal en […]

19 avril 2018

Things to do in Québec city | Vegan Guide


We left Paris in the second half of March to spend some time in the province of Québec, in Canada. We spent most of our time in Montréal, where my brother lives, but we took a few days to travel to Québec city. The capital of Quebec is a beautiful city – easily reachable from […]

11 avril 2018

Harry Potter Studio in London

Europe, London, United-Kingdom

If you’re on a Harry Potter weekend in London, you cannot miss the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio. It’s a one of the Harry Potter attractions in London (ok, Leavesden) that are 100% worth their price, and you’ll have the time of your life. Be ready to feel your Potterhead (heart) go crazy, but don’t […]

13 mars 2018