3 days in Florida : Ponte Vedra and St. Augustine

Florida, USA / Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

3 days in Florida… Ponte Vedra & St. Augustine

Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra & St. Augustine, Tuesday 19th to Friday 22nd July 2016 

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From Charleston…and back again to Savannah……….

3 days in Florida | St. Augustine, Florida | Ponte Vedra, Florida | What to do in 3 days
Charleston to Jacksonville
Charleston to Jacksonville
We’re travelling on a bus again, this time back from Charleston to Savannah (again), to Jacksonville…..


We took the Greyhound Express, and the ride took around 5hrs in total, with a quick stop in Savannah.
Before leaving, we took a look at how much money we spent, and we found out that it has been more then we have should.
But hey, look at our route-map so far, I would spend every single cent in the same way, except for the horrible coffee at Charleston Greyhound bus stop. From now on, we’ll just try to be a bit wiser!


While listening to “Bruises” by Bands of Skulls, I was thinking of how small the world is. Let me explain: what are the chances to meet the same person in a hostel in Boston, and then almost 30 days later at Savannah bus station? Well, that happened to us!
From New York to Jacksonville
From New York to Jacksonville – all we did so far…

| Read more about our road trip in the USA by bus

Road trip soundtrack

Again and back on the highway, heading South to the Sunny State of Florida!
Some songs that kept me company during this ride:
-Etienne de Crecy: Live fast track vs We are your friends
-Cage the Elephant: Ain’t no rest for the wicked
-Deftones: My own summer (shove it)
-Phoenix: Love like a sunset part 2
By the way, if you’re traveling around here, make sure to take the South Eastern bus lines! (We got a codeshare on the bus ride)

Staying in Ponte Vedra

We arrived at dinner time in Jacksonville, and were staying in Ponte Vedra at my cousin Regina‘s place. We directly went home to eat some pasta and real salad. In 5 minutes we made everything disappear, we were starving!!Simone in Florida

Day 1: Exploring St. Augustine & the ocean

A day in St. Augustine

We had breakfast at home before leaving to St. Augustine, the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement in the borders of the continental United States (September 8th, 1565). On the way, we stopped at a hardware store where Regina bought us a new camera as a wedding gift. Alice is super happy because it makes great pictures. So if you notice a change in the pictures, it’s because of the new camera!
St. Augustine, where I’ve already been a couple of times, is a nice little town full of nice restaurants and things to do. We had lunch and walked around, it’s a nice little town with a few landmarks:
The Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine is the first thing that greeted us when we arrived in town.
The Cathedral Basilica of St Augustine
The Cathedral Basilica of St Augustine
After lunch, we first started our tour of the city by The Bridge of Lions
The Bridge of Lions
The Bridge of Lions

Bird from the bridge

A boat seen from the bridge

Then we went toward Fort Matanzas
The Fort Matanzas
The Fort Matanzas

Then we zigzagged through the town…

Peace flag in St Augustine Shop in St Augustine An other shop in st Augustine Shop sign in St Augustine

… until we got to the impressive Flagler College. This school has been established inside what was previously a luxury hotel. I let you imagine how it is inside…. (spoiler: Titanic meets the Sorbonne)

Street sign in St Augustine Flagler College Sign

Front of Flagler College
Flagler College
From the school, you can have a look at the Lightner Museum
Lightner Museum
Lightner Museum
The ocean on the way from St Augustine back to Ponte Vedra
The ocean on the way from St Augustine back to Ponte Vedra

Book your activities in Ponte Vedra here:

The ocean at the Sawgrass Marriott Resort in Ponte Vedra 

Finally, the ocean!!! The water was incredibly hot, hotter than Alice or I had ever experienced!! It kind of felt as if we were in a hot bath, so it was a bit weird!
Simone and Regina on the beach
Simone and Regina on the beach

Alice and Simone in the ocean Alice and Simone having fun in the water Ponte Vedra beach

After a little while, we relocated to the pool where I did laps and the girls had a cocktail by the side of the pool.

Total American Beach Club experience !! 

Simone swimming Alice and Simone in the swimming pool Simone and Alice in the pool
When Regina’s husband Judd arrived, we had dinner at the cabana beach club, where we talked about the current socio-economic-political situation.

Day 2: Rest and Work

I wrote down on our travel notebook that all I could remember about that day was the beach. Alice nicely circled this part, and wrote below it that it was ‘great because we didn’t go to the beach that day‘. UUUUUH……… Instead, she pointed out that I got a haircut and napped while she worked (at least, that’s what she says she did!)
At night, we had dinner at a cool place under a bridge (I know, super precise, but no idea where that was!). It was a nice location, by the water, where people swam and had fun.
Calm diner by the water
Calm diner by the water

The place where we had diner Romantic photo by the pier

Goodnight Ponte Vedra
Goodnight Ponte Vedra!
Back at home, we realized we had not scheduled and booked anything for our trip after New Orleans
Our plan was initially to go from there to Las Vegas for a night or two, before flying to California. But now, so close to the date of leaving, it had gotten more expensive (and we got more broke) so we tried to understand what to do….

Day 3: The last day of ocean in Florida until we get to California!

I went swimming in the ocean and run, while Alice did an aqua-fitness class with Regina at the beach resort (she was the youngest by far, that was hilarious). Basically, we spent the day under the sun, riding waves, that was a very good day.
Simone by the pool Simone getting ready to swim Simone drinking by the pool
With Regina we did some grocery shopping, and come dinner time I made a risotto.
The cousins cooking together!
The cousins cooking together!

Simone and Regina cooking a risotto

A good part of the evening was again spent by checking out how and where to go after New Orleans.
Hours of hair-pulling later, we agreed to forget about Las Vegas and take the fastest cheapest way to get to California. So we booked a Greyhound from New Orleans to Houston, and a flight from Houston to San Diego.

Good bye Florida!

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21 Replies to “3 days in Florida : Ponte Vedra and St. Augustine”

  1. Hello from Australia 🙂
    What was your favourite part of this trip between Charleston & Jacksonville? Was it swimming laps in the pool while the girls drank cocktails? I think that was my favourite one to read.
    Keep on blogging & traveling, you’re doing well!

    1. Hi Viviane, my favourite part of this trip was absolutely playing in the ocean and doing laps in the pool, and , here is my Italian part coming out, COOKING! I love to cook and having the possibility to do it made me very very happy!
      Thanks and keep on following us, lots and lots more is coming!

    1. Thanks Ro, we were very lucky to have a new camera to take picture, it would’ve not be the same with a smartphone!
      In my opinion music is very important on a road trip, it makes it even better if possible!

  2. Hi Alice! I’ve never been to Florida, although I did travel a bit around the US.
    I must say that this Floger College is seriously impressive! I wish I could go and see what it’s like inside!
    A nice introduction to the place, thanks!

  3. Great read! It sounded like a wonderful trip. I’ve been to a few different places in Florida, but if you get to travel to St. Augustine. There’s a pirate convention that’s there every year, which I always thought would be fun time to visit. out of curiosity, what camera are you using? I’m looking at getting a new one.

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