A Day in Liverpool | Un giorno a Liverpool

Europe, IN ITALIANO, Liverpool / Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

A day in Liverpool – Un giorno a Liverpool

How we got to spend a day in Liverpool – Come mai siamo finiti a Liverpool 

Bilingual post by: Alice & Simone
Articolo bilingue : Alice & Simone

You might know that at the end of April we went to Rome for a few days for a wedding and to get some much needed vitamin Sun! As there was no direct flight to go back to Belfast, we decided to spend a day in Liverpool and discover this city. We had no idea what we could do for a day in Liverpool but we ended up having a lot of fun!

Come saprete alla fine di aprile siamo andati a Roma due paio di giorni per un matrimonio e per fare il pieno di raggi solari!
Non esistendo un volo diretto per tornare a Belfast, abbiamo deciso di fare scalo   una giornata a Liverpool.
Simone in Liverpool

A day in Liverpool: Where to sleep on a budget – Dove dormire con un budget limitato                

We’re quite over hostels so Simone looked for a cheap but central hotel to sleep at for our only night there. He found a crazy deal on booking.com with a 40% discount to stay at Z Hotel. While our room was small and the bathroom was not really a room but barely separated by glass windows from our bed, it did its job. It was clean and practical with complimentary water, tea, and coffee. What made it absolutely great though is the location. Z Hotel is in the heart of Liverpool, only a few meters away from the Cavern Club and a few minutes from the bay.
Avendo in questo momento piene le scatole di andare per ostelli, Simone ha cercato una sistemazione in un albergo economico e centrale. Fortunatamente tramite booking.com troviamo un offerta con il 40% di sconto per dormire al Z Hotel
La camera non era una reggia ma ha fatto il suo, molto pulita comoda e pratica.
La sua posizione all’interno della città, a pochi passi dal Cavern Club e dal lungo mare ci ha reso il soggiorno praticamente perfetto.

What we did during our day in Liverpool – Cosa abbiamo fatto a Liverpool

Vegan-friendly Breakfast at Brasco Lounge – vegan-friendly colazione a Brasco Lounge

We started by having breakfast at vegan-friendly Brasco Lounge on the water front. It’s a very cute place, with mismatched furniture, board games and a very nice counter. You can expect a full vegan menu including pastries, and they also have a full gluten free menu.
Cominciamo la nostra giornata con un’ottima colazione al vegan-friendly Brasco Lounge, é un posto molto carino con giochi da tavolo e con menu (dolce compreso) vegan e gluten free.
vegan menu at brasco loungebrasco loungecounter at brasco lounge

Hop-on Hop-off Bus

We figured the best way to make the most of just a day in Liverpool would be to see the city from the top deck of the hop-on hop-off bus so we went to go and buy our tickets. We both got student tickets at 8£ each (11£ otherwise) so we felt it pretty worth it! The whole tour took 52 min and was very agreeable. It gave us a good idea of what the city was made of,  you get to see a lot of the city and learn interesting facts, we really liked it. The incredible sunny weather definitely didn’t hurt! As it was short, we did the whole tour then hopped off at the stop closest to the Cavern Club, the must stop for Simone
Avendo poco tempo a nostra disposizione abbiamo deciso di optare per il tour hop on hop off bus di Liverpool, il biglietto costa 11£ (già di per sé un ottimo prezzo), ma grazie alla tariffa studenti lo abbiamo pagato 8£. Il tour é durato 52 minuti, ed oltre ad essere ben organizzato la presenza del sole lo ha reso ancor più fantastico.
Abbiamo girato tutta la città scendendo  solo alla fermata vicino al Cavern Club, dove Simone voleva assolutamente andare.
simone with the beatles
The statue of the Beatles in front of the bus stop

Alice and Simone in the busa beautiful day in liverpoolbeatle statueliverpool from the bussimone in the busliverpool attractionliverpool student unionliverpool cathedralliverpool cathedral detailliverpool chinese templeliverpool bus waterfront


The Cavern Club is particularly famous because The Beatles performed there countless times. Climb down a few flight of stairs and you’ll enter this pretty cool place — out of this world. It really makes you plunge into another time and atmosphere, even in the middle of the day. Great mood. You can have a drink, just hang around and listen to the cover band playing, buy a few memorabilia… Don’t rush and take the time to really enjoy the place.
Il Cavern Club è particolarmente famoso, poiché é lo storico locale dove i Beatles hanno praticamente cominciato la loro carriera.
Scendendo giù per diverse rampe di scale ti ritrovi in un posto che ti fa tornare indietro nel tempo, a qualsiasi ora del giorno.
Puoi bere un drink, ascoltare musica dal vivo, o solamente goderti la fantastica atmosfera che si respira.
Simone with a statue in front of cavern pub Simone in front of the cavern club in liverpool Simone in the cavern club liverpool

Lunch at vegan-friendly Mowgli – Pranzo al vegan-friendly Mowgli

Once we extricated ourselves from the club, we started to feel… hungry (we know, it’s not very surprising for us!). After a quick check on happy cow, we decided to give the vegan-friendly Mowgli a try. food at mowgli liverpoolThey have a full vegan menu (less long than the standard one, but with an amply satisfying number of options). We strongly recommend you give that place a try if Indian food is your thing, because we found it amazing. First, the place in itself is gorgeous – the « jungle » feel is well done and makes you feel right at home. Also, the food is delicious, surprising and filling. We both ordered what’s considered starters, and also a « main dish » each with a side of Puri for two, and were absolutely satisfied with the portions
Una volta usciti dal locale, rifocillarci era nostra prossima missione.
Dopo aver consultato rapidamente l’app Happy Cow ci dirigiamo verso il ristorante Mowgli, vi consigliamo fortemente questo posto, cucina indiana eccezionale.
Il locale di per sé é splendido, sembra di essere in una giungla, e come detto il cibo é delizioso.
vegan menu at mowgli liverpool jungle decor at mowgli liverpool Tree decor at Mowgli liverpool

Vegan and heading to Italy soon? You might want to read our guide on how to eat vegan in Rome – even the traditional places!

Museums – Musei : Liverpool Museum & Tate

At that point, we had to decide what to do with the few hours that we had left before having to go to the airport. We ended up deciding to give museums a shot – especially the free ones – and headed towards Liverpool Museum. The setting immediately made us think of Ulster Museum in Belfast, but it was not as good. Actually, it’s probably a very fun museum for kids, but we found it too « all over the place ». There’s a ton of things – everywhere. It actually makes it difficult to understand what’s going on where, and your senses are really assaulted to the point where you don’t want to be spending too much time in there. Make special note of the incredible « karaoke room » in the middle of the museum, where you can exhaust yourself singing like idiots without any trouble (they probably assumed we were drunk – we weren’t – but who cares?!). The cherry on top of the cake!
A quel punto, avendo ancora un paio d’ore prima di dover giungere in aeroporto, decidiamo di sfruttare l’entrata libera nei musei.
Prima tappa il Liverpool Museum, molto simile all’Ulster Museum di Belfast ma meno interessante. A nostro avviso c’era «  un po’ troppo di tutto dappertutto », unica nota degna di menzione (sempre a nostro modesto parere) la stanza per il Karaoke, si avete capito bene, una vera e propria stanza per cantare nel bel mezzo del museo.
Simone in liverpool museum
Second Museum stop : the Tate. Modern art isn’t really our thing, so it’s hard for us to give any real indication on the quality of the place. We went over the place in the quite fast pace, but we had a good time. Some of the pieces we really liked, some we didn’t understand at all (see the faces of Simone below!), but it was a nice stop.
Seconda tappa: il museo di arte moderna The Tate.  
L’arte moderna non é la nostra favorita ma abbiamo trovato cose molto interessanti ed altre a noi incomprensibili,  tutto sommato una visita molto piacevole.

the tate liverpoolArt piece with Alice at the Tate LiverpoolSimone at the Tate LiverpoolSimone wondering at Tate Liverpool

Game of words at Tate LiverpoolAlice at the tate liverpool

Through the city to the airport – della citta a l’aeroporto

After that we didn’t have a lot of time left, so we decided to stroll by the waterfront. The weather was great so it was really relaxing. On our way back to the hotel to get our luggages, the city center seemed really busy and lively, with a fair number of bands playing in the streets. It was very pleasant and we wouldn’t have minded spending more than a day in Liverpool!
Accompagnati da un fantastico sole ci dirigiamo verso l’albergo per riprendere le nostre valigie,  la città ci sembra essere molto viva, e non ci dispiacerebbe tornare e passare qualche giorno in più.
Waterfront Liverpool boat in front of Tate Liverpool
To go to the airport, we took the bus 500 from the bus station Liverpool One. It cost us 2,20£ per person and took around 40min.
Per andare all’aeroporto, abbiamo preso il Bus numero 500 dalla stazione Liverpool One, il biglietto costa 2,20£ ed impiega 40 minuti per arrivare a destinazione.
Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Conclusion – Conclusione

Conclusion: the city has super nice vibes, it’s cute and lively, and we really liked that the water was preponderant. We loved our day in Liverpool and recommend the city for any short break!
Conclusione: la città regale ottime sensazioni, molto carina e vibrante, il fatto di essere circondati dall’acqua la rende ancor più affascinante.
Liverpool ci é piaciuta molto, e la consigliamo per ogni tipo di viaggio e viaggiatore!
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  1. Wonderful post! It’s never really occurred to me to make a stop in Liverpool, but this looks really interesting. The interior of the Mowgli looks amazing, and the Cavern looks like a really cool stop, too. Thanks!

  2. Aaaaaah Liverpool does look cool. I quite fancied the Tate, but then modern art can be fun (or, fun to make fun of!). I know what you mean about being over hotels too. And there is something real nice about places on the water. It’s really quite fortuitous that Liverpool became a tourist hub so it didn’t suffer a similar fate of other port cities in the UK.

    1. It is really cool! Same, the Tate was a fun experience for us, even though we’re not well-versed in modern art! Totally agree with you about the fact that it didn’t suffer as much as other port cities, it really is a place where you have a easy-living feeling 🙂

  3. Really glad you enjoyed your time in Liverpool! I went to University there and I must say it was a great city to be a student in! I love the culture and the vibrancy of the city. Plus the people are super friendly too!

  4. Liverpool is a great city for a day trip! I really like open top bus tours, too – they are a great way to get your bearings and find out what you want to explore in more detail. And you have to love any city that has a yellow submarine outside its airport!!

    1. Yes, right?! I had even forgotten about the yellow submarine outside the airport because I only saw it when we arrived, and I was half sleeping already….. Open top bus tours are definitely great, I should do them everywhere!

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